A powerful slider for selecting value ranges, supporting dates and more.

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Select dates

jQRangeSlider supports both numerical values and date and time. Selecting a time frame has never been so easy.

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Touch devices

jQRangeSlider supports touch devices: tested with iOS and Android. User can select a range simply by touching and swiping on his tablet or phone.

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jQRangeSlider supports steps for both numerical and date values. Select values 5 by 5 or month by month, simply by changing an option.

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Adapt to your style

jQRangeSlider comes by default with two themes to demonstrate its ability to be restyled. You can customize it as you want: nothing is hard coded..

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Real time refresh

jQRangeSlider exposes events you can use for refreshing your UI. You can also interact with it through javascript methods.

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jQRangeSlider is open source published under dual license GPL and MIT. You can use it in both open source and commercial software.

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